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An ePassport, also known as Electronic Passport, Digital Passport, Biometric Passport, or e-passport is a paper-based passport that embeds a contactless smart card chip and an antenna.

Buy ePassport Online
The front cover of United Kingdom ePassport

The contactless smart card chip is connected to the antenna – made of multiple loops of thin copper wire – that is used for both communication and power. The contactless chip and the antenna works at an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz and shall comply with the ISO/IEC 14443-1 specifications. http://counterfeitnote.com/2018/01/23/online-passport-application/Purchase Biometric Passports Online

Buy ePassport Online
Buy ePassport Online

The contactless chip and the antenna are packaged in a layer structure called ePassport Inlay. There are two types of ePassport Inlays available in the market:

  • Single Layer – one side of the chip module / antenna is not covered and they have a thickness of about 300 ∼ 400 μm
  • Double Layer – the chip module / antenna are encapsulated into a sandwich-like structure and they have a thickness of about 400 ∼ 500 μm.

Buy ePassport OnlineThe sheets that protect the chip module and the antenna can be made of polyester(PET), polycarbonateTeslin or other synthetic material. The dimension of an ePassport inlay is normally the same or slightly smaller of a passport page and can be embedded:

  • into the ePassport cover, this is called “e-cover”. This was the first method used in the industry because in 1998, when the first ePassport was launched, the thickness of the chip was such that the only suitable place to host it was the multi-layer cardboard cover.  Al tough this is still the most popular method for chip embedding, forensic crime experts have noticed possibility to swap the cover with a fake one or – another possibility – to get a genuine cover (with its chip embedded) and collate it to a fake passport.
  • into the polycarbonate ePassport Data Page, this is called “e-datapage”. This method is growing popularity in recent years primarily driven by the new chip packaging available that are thick as low as 200μm. This option does offer the highest level of security both in terms of linking the holder printed information with the electronically stored information and physical attacks.
Buy ePassport Online
NXP ePassport chip packages.
  • as middle page of the ePassport booklet. This has – by far – the lowest production cost and is not widely popular.
Buy ePassport Online
An inlay laminated to an ePassport page

When the inlay is embedded into the passport cover, the chip and the antenna are not visible to naked eyes. Buy ePassport Online

The specification of the ePassports are defined by the International Civial Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the document series called Doc 9303 – Machine Readable Travel Documents. Within the ICAOnaming the ePassport is referred as Machine Readable Travel Document or MRTD. In some publications the ePassport is also referred as eMRP (Electronic Machine Readable Passport).

ICAO have designed a symbol have been designed to visually distinguish an ePassport. The “Chip Inside” symbol, also known as Electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) must be printed on the top or on the bottom part of a ePassport front cover.

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Chip Inside Symbol

The optional data stored into the ePassport chip include:

  • Other names
  • Place of Birth
  • Address
  • Telephone Number(s)
  • Profession
  • Title
  • Personal Summary
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Other Valid Travel Document(s)
  • Other Person(s) included on MRTD
  • Endorsement/Observations
  • Tax/Exit Requirements
  • Image of Front of MRTD
  • Image of Rear of MRTD
  • Name of Person(s) to Notify
  • Contact Details of Person(s) to Notify
  • Fingerprint
  • Iris scan
  • Country-specific Forensic Feature, example booklet lot number printed on microtext on the cover.
Buy ePassport Online
A 3M AT9000 Full Page ePassport reader

As of time of writing the vast majority of Issuing Authorities uses only Face Photo as means of identification while few uses both face and finger.

To avoid that anyone with a ePassport Reader could read and steal sensitive personal information from the contactless chip, two set of security features were introduced by ICAOBuy ePassport Online

  • Basic Access Control (BAC) that is a mechanism that protects the contactless chip from being read without direct access and ensures that information exchanged with the reading device is encrypted. For instance, an ePassport that implement the BAC cannot be read while is kept in a travel bag. In order to access the data stored on the contactless chip of the ePassport, first is necessary to scan/read the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of the document. Based on this data, an individual access key for each passport is computed, which is used by the ePassport reader to authenticate itself to the chip. This means that the ePassport reader proves to the chip it has optical access to the passport. The contactless chip transmits a random number to the ePassportreader for this purpose. Then the ePassport reader encrypt this number using the access key and then transmit it back to the contactless chip. The chip then checks if the random number has been encrypted with the right access key. If this is the case, the contactless chip allows the ePassport reader to access the data.
  • Extended Access Control (AEC). ICAO defines that chip must contain chip-individual keys, must have processing capabilities and additional key management for mutual authentication mechanism is required. The actual implementation is left to the individual implementing States.
Buy ePassport Online
A specimen of Japan ePassport data page. The two lines on the bottom are the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ)

The ePassport electronic holder’s data are written into the contactless chip during the issuance process performed by the Issuing Authority and cannot be modified. This means that when in the field an ePassport can only be read and no-one, even the issuing authority can modify its content.Buy epassport online

Buy ePassport Online
The Chip Inside symbol on the cover of an ePassport.

ICAO is currently working on the next evolution of the ePassport called Logical Data Structure Version 2 (LSD2) where there will be an optional read-write function in order to accommodate electronic record of Travel Stamps, Visas and additional Biometric information. In addition, LDS2 will further protect the ePassport against counterfeiting, copying and unauthorized reading or writing.

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A passport is a document issued by a national government, namely special ministries, such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Internal Affairs. The document given certifies a holder’s identity and nationality. Moreover, passing the relevant verification procedure facilitates attaining the different purposes (e.g., the ones associated with international visits). As to the structure of a passport, its elements are usually accounted for by four basic types of data on a man, in particular his name, date of birth, place of birth and sex. However, some passports involve other data (holder’s height,  color of his eyes, etc.) Contact us if you need Fake novelty passport today (info@counterfeitnote.com)

A passport brings about the thought of the right to protection abroad, with the adequate and needed actions being exercised by the government’s representatives as to their nation that get into hot water. On the other hand, a passport can be associated with the right to enter one’s own country. However, a passport itself does not promote both the rights. De facto they are being determined by a nationality. A passport itself only attests a holder’s nationality and, thus, does not guarantee his rights as to protecting abroad and entering his own country.

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Online Passport Application > Express Documentation Team

The passport that once will be qualified as not being authentic is the subject issued initially by a government. Only thereafter, such subject is copied and/or modified by the persons who is not authorized for carrying through manipulations with such a document. However, the risk of deceiving can take place regarding those who view the document as a reliable means of certificating a holder’s identity or status. The term ‘fake passport’ implies, among other things, the activity that results in getting the document from a government, with preparing (i.e falsifying) the documentation required for certificating the desired identity. You may have a number of reasons for hiding your true identity. Nowadays, the latter can put you in an unwelcome position, particularly if you are high-profile and/or wealthy person. For that kind of situations, fake passports are very useful. In fact, it is hard to foresee some fateful events and be sure that they will not concern you directly. Think of all the pessimistic possibilities that can be by-products of development, namely social, political and economic one. Their stability is based on using advanced techniques (controlling, monitoring, brainwashing, etc.). If such a circumstance is not enough for awakening reasonable watchfulness, try to think of the IRS or your local equivalent to the agency.However, the risk of deceiving can take place regarding those who view the document as a reliable means of certificating a holder’s identity or status. The term ‘fake passport’ implies, among other things, the activity that results in getting the document from a government, with preparing (i.e falsifying) the documentation required for certificating the desired identity

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